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    Alhamdulillah kelar, makasih sudah mampir mnc team :D
#fridaynight #happy #apuuhandmade #diy #tutorial #mnc #mnctv #happyfriday #tv #today #thankyou #working #bungakain Alhamdulillah kelar :) Happy Monday :D
#happy #Monday #keepcalm Juma'tan pertama bersama ayah ♡♡

tutorial : how to make paper cat :)

as promised :)

you will need paper for the back ground, 2 origami paper, glue and marker

Picture 594

take one origami paper, and let’s make the head.

Picture 595

fold and make a triangle, turn the edges like this

Picture 597

flip it around, and it looks like this

Picture 598

grab the marker, and add the cat ingridients :)

Picture 599

now, lets take the other origami paper for the body part

Picture 600

yes, fold it that way, and turn one edges like this

Picture 601

flip it around and it looks like this

Picture 602

grab your glue, and put it all together

Picture 605 Picture 607

add personal touch and it’s ready to go

Picture 613

happy making :D

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