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    Kelas kreasi membuat bunga kain hadir sabtu ini, ikutan yuk 😺
#apuuhandmade #kelaskreasi #bungakain #kursus #workshop #sabtu #saturday #belajar #sewing #jahit #handmade #kelas #kreasi #withlove #letscreate #flowers Making your own bread is so much fun 😄
#Semangat #happy #monday #senin #ilovemonday #handmade #hello #goodmorning#nokneadbread #bread #homemade #buatrotimu #rotibuatansendiri Taaaadaaaahhh 😄
#handmade #withlove #quilt #quilts #happy #sewing #jahit #sewingproject #sewforme #freemotion #handmade #withlove #selimut #blanket #cute #taadaahh Daffy helping me out with the labels, thank you son 😙😙😙
#daffy #kids #mylove #myworld #mylife #cinta #belahanjiwa #terimakasih #anakku

…Time heals all wounds …

I lost one of my very best friend the other day …
We’ve known each other for 12 years+,
we were batman and robin …
we were an item …
we were close…
We were happy…

…I … was … happy …

An accident took you away…
Your brain and heart wasn’t functioning. ..
I cried my heart out, and still crying…

My prayers are for you dear,
and what we had was …
one of the best thing that happened to me …

My heart is broken …
I really hope…
and pray…
that time can really heals all wounds…
…including this wounds of mine…

Rest in peace my dear…



Went for my first mammogram this morning. It was nerve wracking,  but all worth it. 

Every time I feel that fear on getting on this kind of health test, I picture my kids on my head. I have to be fit or at least know where I’m standing in order to give my best for them, for my husband,  for me…for my family.

so when the result came out OK, I can’t stop smiling and thanking Alloh for this health :)

Have a great Wednesday all, and take care …


Hello 2014


I hope everyone is doing well :)

I was tidying up all things including my blogs, and this personal blog of mine has been really quite in 2013. So in 2014 I will make it up by installing wordpress on my gnote, so I can blog on the go YAYY :D

So, this is the first post I wrote from my gnote. And I want to share what I got from the mail man last night


My 2nd book

Yes. My 2nd craft book from the publisher :D

What a great way to start my year

Until next post. Take care :)

yes …i know..

it’s been ages..

but i’m ready to give you a quick snap of what went on with my life, ready ? :)

after a few summer/spring bazaar (see my last post), i was caught up in …well …LIFE (kids, husband, school, orders, getting flu, and many things in between), i’ll share u some of the fun part :D

1. my publisher came to my home, to make a video promo for my book, you can go here to see the result : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRgnDnRz5Yw


2. my face was in the local TV (DAAI TV) to do tutorial on fabric flowers

IMG 7037

3. me and hubby went to Manado during school holiday (he went there for biz trip, I went there to get my beauty sleep LOL :D)


recommended food during our stay in Manado are:

IMG-20130705-WA000 bubur manado (of course)

IMG 8908 at IMG 8901

the fish was so fresh + yummy, and the size is very BIG :)

IMG 8913 at IMG 8923

this package menu is the TUDE fish, it’s my favorite, …oh so yuuum :D

the city is clean, the people are soo friendly, and i love the ocean air … so yes, i had a great time at Manado :D

4. during ramadhan (fasting month), look what my garden brought us

IMG03731-20130721-1650 rose apples :D

taste so sweet.. thank you garden

5. daffy was having his 1st day at school (kindergarten)

he can go by his own to school now with the school bus (i’m a proud mama :’) ..and oh how time flies…)


6. aza was doing a traditional dance at school, and she is in the 4th grade now … :’) … my kids are growing up so too fast…

IMG 7784-

7. my products was covered in the local magazine :D


now I need to finish some orders, and ship them out before Saturday, so i can have more time to welcome EID with my family

if you want to see more pictures on my works (Apuu Handmade), you can go here : https://www.facebook.com/ApuuHandmadePage

oh I can’t wait for the holiday to come :D

wishin you all a wonderful time with your love ones, take care all – hugs :) bimbi

I was ….

…on AWA spring bazaar at gran melia hotel jakarta


…sewing comfy skirt (I wore it a lot now, should make more :D)


…posing with tintin & milo :D

IMG 6963

…also posing with mini eiffel tower (thanks for the snap Aza)

IMG 6973

…at Inacraft 2013

IMG 6981

…with aza & daffy (thank you kids)


hope you have a great time all

happy Sunday :D

Aza turning 9

IMG 6937

I prepare goodie bags for her school friends :)

IMG 6958

inside there were yummy cookies, milk, and handmade keychain :D

IMG 6989

how time flies…

IMG 6999

IMG 7014

and she really loves her present this year :D



my latest ..

IMG 20130314 152224

ribbon cake …yummmy

IMG 20130403 154303

cute coaster and tin box

IMG 20130423 175744

a cute cat to accompany me ;)


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